BIDDIX Ancestors

John BITTICK (or Biddix) John was born in 1748. He died on 9 Jan 1837 in Yancy County, NC.John married Hannah BLOUNT on 31 Dec 1780 in Orange County (later Burke County), NC. John Bittick was a Revolutionary War veteran. (10) John and Hannah had 13 children. (10,11)

Hannah BLOUNT Hannah was born 1754 and died in 1853.


  1. Sarah BIDDIX (or BITTICKS) Sarah was born on 25 Oct 1781. (11)
  2. Mary BIDDIX (or BITTICKS) Mary was born Dec 1783. (11)
  3. John BITTICK ( or BIDDIX) John was born on 12 May 1785 in McDowell County, NC. He married Nancy ENDSLEY on 9 Dec 1809 in Burke County, NC (3) . Marriage bondsman was John ENDSLEY and witness was J. BURGIN, date of marriage bond was 9 Dec 1809. (4)
  4. Elizabeth "Patsy" BIDDIX (or BITTICKS) Elizabeth was born 5 Dec 1786. She married David SCOTT in Jun 1818. (11)
  5. Nancy Jane BIDDIX (or BITTICKS) Nancy was born in Orange County on 23 Feb 1788 and died in Yancey County, NC, on 26 Feb 1831. (11)
  6. William BIDDIX (or BITTICKS) William was born on 28 Feb 1790. He married Elizabeth HILL in Mar 1823. (3,4,11)
  7. Francis BIDDIX Francis was born in 1791. He married Sarah HENSLEY in 1821 in Burke County, NC.
  8. Wellmet BIDDIX (or BITTICKS)Wellmet was born on 7 Apr 1791 (11)
  9. Jonathan BITTICK ( or BIDDIX) Jonathan was born on 26 Oct 1792. He died in Burke County, NC (date unknown).
  10. Hannah "Anna" BIDDIX Anna was born on 28 Oct 1795 in Yancey County, NC. She married Samuel FINLEY, Nov 26, 1822, in Burke County, NC. John BITTICK was the marriage bondsman and John BURGIN was the witness. The marriage bond was posted on Nov 26, 1822 (4)
  11. Isaiah BIDDIX (or BITTICKS)Isaiah was born in 1796. He married Nancy (8,11)
  12. Rachel BIDDIX (or BITTICKS) (11)
  13. Jesse BIDDIX Jesse was born on 25 Jan 1802 in Yancey County, NC, and died about 1870. He married Mary BUCHANAN. (8)


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Research Notes:

Orange County Tax rolls for 1779 have a John BITTOCKS listed. (1)

The 1790 Surry County, NC, Census has entries for two heads of households with the name John Biddicks and one entry for a head of household named Francis Bitticks. (12)

John BITTICKS name is listed in the 1810 Surrey County, NC, Federal Census. Surrey County is located adjacent to Stokes County, NC.

The following was abstracted from a Margaret Lindsey Smith (Email: mlsmith67 [at] earthlink[dot] net) posting covering her Lindsay ancestors:

"Surry County [NC] Deed Book E [abstracted, compiled and indexed by Mrs. W. O. Absher, 1976, 702 Sixth Street, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659]

p20 , 179 called Seven Island. road leads from Round Hill to Critchfields ford adj John Biddick; part entryJames Lindsay & since taken from him by execution & sold at public auction to discharge of forfeited recognizance Superior Ct, William Hough, Thomas Hadley, wtnesses S/John Thomas Longino"

Surry County, North Carolina Deed Astracts Volumes G & H 1795-1800 by Carol Leonard Snow p6 , BK G, p28, 24 Dec 1796 JOSHUA MAY LINDSEY of Rutherford Co., NC, to HENRY SPEER of Surry Co., NC. 55 pounds 440 acres on Seven Island Creek waters of Yadkin River adjoining JOHN BITTICK; part of 640 acres granted to JAMES LINDSEY 9 Aug 1787 and conveyed by mesne conveyance to JOHN DURHAM 2- Aug 1788, from Durham to sd JOSHUA MAY LNDSEY 17 Nov 1790. John Kelley, John X Robinson, Richard Speer, witnesses S/JOSHUA M LINDSEY (seal)

Proved in Surry C. Court Nov Term 1797 by oath of John Robinson & ordered to be registered. Test. Jo Williams, C C.

John BITTICK was listed in the 1800 Stokes County, NC, Federal Census, (7)

According to Randy Biddix, John is listed in the 1800 Rutherford County Census along with another John Biddix.

According to her application for a widow's pension based on her husband's service in the Revolutionary War, John BITTICK and Hannah BLOUNT were married "about the last day of December" in 1780 in Orange County, NC. Most, if not all of their children were born in Orange County.(2)

Hannah was listed in the 1850 Yancy County Census as being 96 years old and living with her son Jesse. (2,10)

Jonathan BIDDIX married Dicey BIRD on 25 Nov 1822 in Burke County, NC. Marriage bondsman was John BITTICK and witness was J. BURGIN. Bond was posted on Nov 25, 1822 (4 )

A land grant #5274 was recorded in Burke County, NC, for a Francis BIDDIX in 1838. (5)

Hannah's parents may have been Col. Benjamin BLOUNT and Afraca "Affie" SMITHWICK. (6)

According to the research done by Brian Hoilman, "John served with the Orange County Continental Dragoons during the American Revolution under the command of Colonel O'Neal. the service as a volunteer and served two tours of duty. He enrolled near the middle of April 1778 at Hillsborough, in Orange County.

He was in the battle of Hillsborough and several small skirmishes nearby. He was marched to Guilford County, but it is not known whether he fought in the battle of Guilford Courthouse or not. John lived out his life on Graveyard Creek in present day Mitchell County.According to the Yancey County Deed Book I, there is a single reference stating that he owned land that adjoins that of Adam Hoppis and James Washburn.".

YANCEY COUNTY, NC - WILLS - Thomas Lee Ray, Jr. Isaiah and Jesse BIDDIX are mentioned in this will along with Elizabeth Deyton, Edmond Edwards, George Edwards, John R. Edwards, Stephen Edwards, William Edwards under "DOUBTFUL" or "DREADFUL BAD" debts, dating from 1819 (See link)

North Carolina in the Revolutionary War Queries John Biddix (Biddicks) and the Orange County Dragoons Posted by David Biddix ( on Sat, 13 Mar 1999 Surname: Biddix, Biddicks "I am seeking information on John Biddix (Biddicks) who served in the Orange County Dragoons, a mounted calvary that may have fought at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. He married Hannah Blount in Hillsborough and moved with her to what was then Burke County (now Mitchell County) North Carolina around 1796. I do not know his rank in the Dragoons. Any help would be greatly appreciated."


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