DEAKINS Ancestors

James DEAKINS James was born on 14 Nov 1754 in King George County, VA, and died on 20 Jul 1834 in Franklin County, IN. He was buried in Fairfield, Franklin County, IN. James married Martha BRANDin April 1782 in Westmoreland, VA.(1) James was a veteran of the Revolutionary War.(8)

Martha BRAND Martha was born on 6 Dec 1765 in Westmoreland, VA and died on 1 Jan 1862 in Andrew County , MO. (1)


  1. John DEAKINS John was born on 20 Jul 1783. (1) John married Elizabeth TEET on December 31, 1822 in Westmoreland, VA. (5)
  2. Alice DEAKINS Alice was born on 29 Apr 1785 (1)
  3. William DEAKINS William was born on 29 Jun 1796 in Charlotte, VA, and died on 9 Jul 1875 in Linn County, OR William married Rachel HOLLINGSWORTH on 31 Jul 1817 in Springfield, Sangmon County, IL. (1)
  4. Martha DEAKINS Martha was born on 30 Nov 1802 in TN (1)
  5. Elizabeth DEAKINS Elizabeth was born on 17 Nov 1804 in TN and died in 1846 in Savanna, GA. She was buried in Grave's Farm, MO.(1) Elizabeth married Benjamin SNOWDEN on 21 Nov 1824 in Franklin County, IN. (3)
  6. Nicholas DEAKINS Nicholas was born on 12 Jan 1807 in Grainger TN (1)


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James Deakins - Franklin County, IN, Plaque for Revolutionary War Veterans

James Deakins- Franklin County, IN, Plaque for Revolutionary War Veterans

Research Notes: (Odds & Ends that point out directions for further research)

  1. James Deakins, Franklin County, IN, served as a Private with the Virginia State Troops during the American Revolution. He received an annual pension allowance of $20.00 and was placed on the pension roll on 5 Jun 1834 with a commencement date of 4 Mar 1831 at the age of 81.
  2. William DEAKINS, Williamson County, TN, served as a Private in the Pennsylvania Continental Line $96.00 Annual Allowance $1,366.40 Amount Received November 8, 1819 Pension Started, Age 95, Died January 5,1834. This William DEAKINS may have been related to James DEAKINS, perhaps his father or uncle. Thus far, no family ties to William Deakins have been found (7)
  3. The Tennessee Pension Roll Of 1835, Copied and indexed by William R. Navey of Holly Ridge, NC, 28445, shows that William Deakins of Williamson Co, TN, was a Private Pennsylvania in the Continental Line and received a $96.00 annual allowance. He had received $1,366.40 amount received Nov 8, 1819 pension started at age 95. He died on 5 Jan 1834.
  4. Prince Georges County, MD 1790 Federal Census This Census was transcribed by Fred W. Heine and proofread by Christine Joye for the USGenWeb Census Project, The listing includes Leonard Deakins and William Deakins , Jr,
  5. The names James DEAKINS and Joseph DEAKINS appear on a deed in Franklin County, TN, dated 13 Aug 1828.(6)
  6. Nicholas and William DEAKINS names appear in the Buchanan County, MO, 1840 Federal Census. (4)
  7. This item was in the TNGenWeb Archives "James E. Deakins, farmer, was born in Washington County, December 15, 1827, the son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Beard) Deakins. The father was born in this county about 1795, the son of James Deakins, of English lineage. The father died about 1855, a successful farmer, and the mother, a daughter of a Mr. Beard, also English, was born in 1792, in Washington County. She died about 1849, a member of the Baptist Church. Our subject, the only one living of two sons and two daughters, grew up accustomed to country life, and enlisted in Company E, Eighth Tennessee Cavalry, and afterward was a recuriting officer. He became captain of company H, Eighth Tennessee Cavalry(Eighth and Tenth consolidated), and was a major when he resigned, June 10, 1865. He then served four years as circuit clerk. He now owns a farm of 120 acres. In 1852 he married Elizabeth Smith, a daughter of John Smith. Their living children are William H. C., John C. and James S. A son and daughter are deceased. The family are Baptists, and politically Republican." Goodspeeds Histories B-D
  8. GenForum, Deakins Family Genealogy, posting by Don Breinholt, made on 16 Feb 2002. I don't know how much information you have but here is what I have. John was born about 1671 in Prince George County Maryland. He died 3 mar 1744 in PG, Maryland. Here is some depositions I found:
  9. BIRTH: Special Petition of John Bradford, 31 mar 1773; regarding boundaries of Haddock's Hills and Seaman's Delight; depositions taken 11 May 1733:Adam Miller, age ca 38, Robert White, age ca 51, John Flint, age ca 40, Charles Beall, age ca 60, David Fraile, age ca 55, John Deakins, age 62.
  10. BIOGRAPHY: The land records of Prince George County, Maryland 1717-1726. Abstracted by Elise Greenup Jordan of Knoxville, TN Spring 1991.Let me know if you have something else. I am stuck on Edward Deakins b abt 1750 in Charles county Marylandfolio 296/875 Indenture, 3 May 1719; enrolled 17 Aug 1720From: John Brook of Calvert Co. GentlemanTo: John Deakins, planter of Prince George's CountyFor 38/10/0 pounds a tract of land in Prince George's County where Deakins now dwells; part of a tract called Brooke Discovery heretofore granted to Roger Brooke an also part of a tract called Hazard heretofore granted Maj. William Barton; Barton sold to John Miller; Miller sold to Robert Brooke; Brooke sole to Joh Barton on 31 Mar 1709; bounded between the plantations of John Deakins and John Boone; containing 100 acres of land./s/ Jn Brooke (seal) Wit: Jn Mackall, Susanna ParkerAcknowledged by Sarah Brooke, wife of John
  11. CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT OF VIRGINIA;Vol 2, pp 150-159 by Lyman Chalkley "....Deakins vs. Hoye--O. S. 186; N. S. 66--Will of Francis Deakins of Georgetown, D.C. Wife Eleanor Deakins 1,000 acres in Randolph County. Part of 2,500 acres surveyed for Francis and William Deakins, 27th April, 1793. Brother Leonard M. Deakins's two sons, William and Francis; nephew,John Hoye; two brothers, Paul Hoye and Leonard M. Deakins. Dated 24th September, 1804. Proved in D. C., 14th November, 1804. Deed 5th June, 1805, by Paul Hoye of Washington County, Maryland, to John Hoye of Washington County, D. C., conveys all interest under wills of Col. Wm. Deakins and Col. Francis Deakins. Recorded in General Court, 15th November, 1805......"

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