EDWARDS Ancestors

Richard EDWARDS Jr. Richard was born about 1545 in Holywell, Wales. Richard married Ann and they had eight children. (1,2)

Ann (last name unknown )(1,2)


  1. William EDWARDS Born about 1568 in Wales.(2)
  2. Joshua EDWARDS Born about 1580 in Wales. (This is the family line we follow on this site)(2)
  3. Leonard EDWARDS (2)
  4. Thomas EDWARDS (2)
  5. John EDWARDS (2)
  6. Jacob EDWARDS (2)
  7. Martha EDWARDS (2)
  8. Robert Alexander EDWARDS Robert married Eleanor LAWS. (2)


  1. Alan Whytock , Lebanon, Linn County, OR (original research),
  2. Clinton Norris Edwards, Yancy County, NC (using data provided by Jimmy Edwards, Nashville, TN), Family Records (Bibles, interviews, and personal knowledge).
  3. A History Of The Edwards Of Wales, by Jeremiah EDWARDS

Research Notes:

  1. FamilySearch Ancestral Files list Richard's wife as being either Margaret BABB (AFN:1TJ8-FD7) or Helen GRIFFITH (AFN:2T3F-M5).
  2. For those wishing to dig back a little further into our EDWARDS ancestors, please visit http://www.welcome.to/edwards or contact Jeremiah EDWARDS JEDWARDS@POSTMASTER.CO.UK Jeremiah has written an interesting document entitles A History Of The Edwards Of Wales, which has a host of excellent references. He documents the Robert Alexander EDWARDS family line from Wales through Connecticut and Virginia to the Ohio region of America.
  3. Richard's father may (this is clearly speculation) have been Richard EDWARDS (1523-1566/7) a famous English dramatist, composer and musician. Richard is known for his works "Damon and Pithias" and "Palamon and Arcite" written about the same time as William Shakespear's plays. Richard is quoted in John Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 9th Edition 1901. "The fallyng out of faithfull frends is the renuyng of loue. The Paradise of Dainty Devices."

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