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Jasper McCaney PEOPLES Jasper was born on 15 Dec 1850 in Syracuse, Morgan County, MO. He died on 29 May 1918 in Versallies, Morgan County, MO Jasper married twice, first to Emily Rachel BEEMAN, and then in 1887, after Emily's death, to Elizabeth MOON. Jasper was a farmer.

Jaspers parents were William Harvey PEOPLES and Emily McCaney MOON.

Elizabeth MOON She was born about 1865 and died 1908.

Elizabeth and Jasper are buried in the Ritchie Cemetery, Versailles, Morgan County, Missouri, USA

Jasper and Emily's children:

  1. John Harvey PEOPLES John was born on 18 Dec 1872 in Morgan County, MO and died in 1961 in Sedalia, Pettis County,at the age of 88. He married Cora Ann BURNS (21 Apr 1877 - 4 Jul 1954) on 19 Aug 1897 in Syracuse, Morgan County, MO. John and Cora are buried the Smithton Cemetery, Pettis County, Missouri
  2. Thomas S. PEOPLES Thomas was born on 12 Apr 1875 in Morgan County, MO and died by suicide on 7 Jul 1918 in Mill Creek, Morgan County, MO. He lived to be 42 years old. Thomas married Florence BURNS on 4 Oct 1896 in Morgan County, MO. Thomas was a farmer.
  3. Hattie Bell PEOPLES Hattie was born in 1876. She married Elijah GORDON and had a daughter Alva GORDON (d: 16 Oct 2001).
  4. Benjamin PEOPLES Benjamin was born in 1879.
  5. Martin J. PEOPLES
  6. William Dan PEOPLES William married Mabel.
  7. Walter PEOPLES Walter was born on 8 Dec 1884 in Mill Creek Twp, Morgan County, MO.

Elizabeth A. MOON Elizabeth was born in Jun 1866 in Fortuna, MO, and died in 1908 in Versailles, MO. Jasper and Elizabeth were married on 10 Feb 1887 in Morgan County, MO. Elizabeth's parents were James H. MOON and Susan SMITH.

Jasper and Elizabeth's Children:

  1. Emily "Emma" PEOPLES Emily was born in Sep 1888. Emily is buried in Coffman Bend Cemetery, Emily married Dick ROLLINS.
  2. James Oliver PEOPLES James was born in Sep 1889 and died in Mar 1941 and was buried in Versallies, MO. James married Lenora Elizabeth RITCHIE and together they had 10 children.
  3. Wesley Weaver PEOPLES Wesley was born on 18 Feb 1892 in Syracuse, MO, and died 12 Apr 1922 in Lawton, OK.
  4. Arthur Henry PEOPLES Arthur was born on 15 Apr 1895 in Versallies, MO. He married Sadie RITCHIE on 2 Jul 1919 in Versallies, MO. Arthur was inducted in Versallies into the U.S. Army on 29 Apr 1918. He served overseas from 4 Jun 1918 to 27 May 1919 (Co B, 342 Machine Gun Bn). Arthur was injured in action "slightly" on 4 Oct 1918.
  5. Forest Columbus PEOPLES Forest was born on 30 Jul 1896 and died 8 Feb 1928 in Buffalo, Morgan County, MO. He lived to the age of 31 years. Forest was buried in Ritchie Cemetery. He served in the U.S. Army Aux Remount Dep 328 from 21 Oct 1918 to discharge. Forest married Edith Marriott
  6. Roy Lee PEOPLES Roy was born on 12 Feb 1900 and died in 1931 in Belpre, KS. Roy married Maggie ROBY on 27 Nov 1924.
  7. Aubrey Clay PEOPLES Aubrey was born on 11 May 1902 in Versallies, MO.
  8. Bertha Alpha PEOPLES Bertha was born in 1904 and died in Belpre, KS.
  9. Viola Lula PEOPLES Viola was born in 1908 and died in 1927/8. She was buried in Flat Creek Church cemetery.


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