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James Oliver PEOPLES Sr. James was born on 12 Sep 1889. He died of Tuberculosis on 4 Mar 1941 and was buried in Versallies, MO. James married Lenora Elizabeth RITCHIE and together they had 10 children.

Lenora Elizabeth RITCHIE Lenora was born on 8 Mar 1894 and died on 30 Dec 1971, in Versallies, MO. Oliver was Lenora's second husband. Her parents were Jefferson D. RITCHIE and Nancy A. WEBB.


  1. Annie Lorene PEOPLES Annie was born on 9 Oct 1912 in Morgan County, MO. She married Everett MARRIOTT on 18 Jun 1929 in Versallies, MO.
  2. Orval Jackson PEOPLES Orval was born on 1 Jan 1915 in Versallies, MO and died on 6 Jan 1975 in Maple Hill, Kansas City, KS. He married Beatrice ANDEESS on 3 Jul 1934.
  3. George Franklin "Joker" PEOPLES   George was born on 31 Jul 1917 in Versallies, Morgan County, MO and died on 12 Oct 1947 of a self inflicted gunshot wound.  He was buried in Versallies. He married Lena May WILSON.  George and Lena had three children, Linda Ann, Bobby Gene, and Franklin Dean. (See Obituary below)
  4. Melva Irene PEOPLES Melva was born on 1 Aug 1919 in Versallies, MO and died on 2 Dec 1986. Melva married Frank GREEN.
  5. Laverne (Tuney) PEOPLES Laverne was born on 7 Dec 1921 in Morgan County, MO. She married Clarence COFFMAN 31 Dec 1937 in Versallies, Morgan County, MO.
  6. Charles Howard PEOPLES Charles was born on 17 Mar 1924 and died on 24 Aug 1968 in Sedalia, MO. He married Betty CLARK . Charles is buried in Floral Hills, Kansas City, MO.
  7. William Lester PEOPLES William was born on 4 Jul 1926 in Versallies, MO. He married Mary SIDEBOTTOM in 1944.
  8. Wilma Nadean PEOPLES Wilma was born on 28 Jul 1928 in Morgan County, MO. She married Norman WALTERS on 25 Sep 1946 in Versallies, MO.
  9. Louella Maxine PEOPLES Louella was born on 28 Feb 1930 in Versallies, MO. She married Howard ROBERTSON on 23 Dec 1945 in Kansas City, MO.
  10. James Oliver "Junior" PEOPLES Jr.  James was born on 3 May 1934 and died on 27 Jan 1937.  James was buried in the Versallies Cemetery, Versallies, MO. (2)


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Peoples, George Franklin (Joker) George Franklin "Joker" Peoples died early sunday at the home of his father-in-law, John Wilson, near Versailles, as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The main artery to the heart was opened by the bullet. The shooting done with a .22 rifle took place in the presence of his estranged wife, Mrs. Lena May (Wilson) Peoples, and her sister. They told of trying to take the gun away from him after he had threatened to take his own life, but he jumped over a fence which they could not climb in time. to prevent the shooting. He was born at Versailles July 31, 1917 and lived here most of his life. He was a son of Oliver Peoples, who is dead. His mother is now Mrs. Quince Marriott. He is survived by his wife; three children: Linda Ann, 6; Bobby Gene 3; and Franklin Dean, 18 months; his mother: Mrs Quince Marriott; 5 sisters: Mrs. Everett Marriott and Mrs Jack Garrison of Versailles; Mrs. Clarence Coffman of Eldon' Mrs. Norman Walters and Miss Maxine Peoples of Kansas City' 3 brothers: Orville Peoples of Tinken Kansas; Charles Peoples of Raymore and William Lester Peoples of Kansas City. Another brother: Junior, died in infancy. Funeral services were held at Kidwell's Funeral home with the Rev. L.V. Webb officiating. Burial was in the Versailles Cemetery.

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