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Andrew ROBESON Jr. Andrew was born about 1654 in Scotland. He died on 19 Feb 1719/20 in Douglassville, PA and was buried in St Gabriel's Church located near Douglassville. Andrew married Maria HELM (2) More...

Andrew's father was Andrew ROBESON Sr. and his mother was Elizabeth SHEPHERD. (3)

Maria HELM Maria was born in 1667 and died on 12 Nov 1716 in PA. (2)


  1. Andrew ROBESON III Andrew was born about 1686 in Greenwich Twp, Glouchester County, NJ. He died about 1740 in Roxborough Twp, Philadelphia County, Province of PA. Andrew married Gertrude Magdalen RUDMAN in 1718.(3) Gertrude was born in 1699 and died in 1769. She was the daughter of Rev. Andres RUDMAN and Elizabeth MATTSON. It is possible that Andrew and Gertrude named their son Rudman ROBESON. Rudman refers to his uncle Peter in his will. (4)
  2. Isreal ROBESON Isreal was born in 1688 in Glouchester County, West NJ. He died in 1774 in Robeson Township, Berks, PA. Isreal had a son named Isreal (4)
  3. Jonathan ROBESON Jonathan was born about 1690 in PA. He died in 1766. Jonathan married Elizabeth MORRIS.(3)
  4. Magdalen ROBESON Magdalen was born about 1693 and died in 1764. She married Thomas POTTS in 1718. (3)
  5. David ROBESON David was born in 1697 in Greenwich Township, Glouster County, NJ. He died in 1764.(3) David married Elinor LANE. (David's will, dated 30 May 1760, indicates that his wife's name was Elizabeth. and that his nephew was Richard ROBESON and his niece was Sarah ROBESON (1)
  6. Thomas ROBESON Sr Thomas was born in 1698 in Greenwich Township, Glouster County, NJ. He died on 13 Nov 1773. Thomas married Sarah SINGLETARY about 1736. (3)
  7. Samuel ROBESON Sr. Samuel was born about 1699 in Greenwich Township, Glouster County, NJ. He died in PA. Samuel married Hannah LANE about 1726. (3)
  8. Elinor ROBESON Elinor was born in 1703 at Shoomac Park, Roxborough Twp, Philadelphia County, Province of PA. She married Capt. Jacob LEECH on 4 Apr 1733. Capt. LEECH was the son of Toby and Esther LEECH, Province of PA.. (3)
  9. Mary ROBESON Mary was born about 1705 and died 27 Apr 1736 in Philadelphia, Province of PA.. She married Michael HULINGS of Philadelphia, PA. (3)
  10. Peter ROBESON Peter was born in 1707 in Shoemack Park, Roxborough Twp, Philadelphia, Province of PA. He married Sarah FARMAR on 23 Nov 1732 in Christ Church, Philadelphia, Province of PA.(3)
  11. Margaret ROBESON Margaret was born in 1710 and died in 1742. She married Thomas YORK. Margaret and Thomas had a son named Andrew. (4)


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  1. Larry Kingsley's family web site

Research Notes:

USGenWeb Archives, Philadelphia, PA Area History: Watson's Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, 1857, Vol I: Chapters 72 - 81

"....TAVERNS ... The late Indian King tavern in High street near Third street was the oldest inn in the city, and was in numerous years among the most respectable; when kept by Mr. Riddle it was indeed a famous house. There the Junto held their club, and assembled such men as Doctor Franklin, Hugh Roberts, Charles Thomsen, &c. In the year 1742 it was kept by Peter and Jonathon Robeson...."

USGenWeb Archives, Montgomery County, PA History: Local: CHAPTER LXXIX: Whitemarsh Township: Bean's 1884 History of Montgomery Co, PA. The following entry relating to Andrew ROBESON Jr., was found in this document:

"....Judge Andrew Robeson, the ancestor of the family, died February 19, 1719-20, aged sixty-six years. Robeson township, which he was considerable land-holder, was called after him...."

USGenWeb Archives, Wills: Abstracts, Book D : 1714 - 1725/6: Philadelphia Co, PA ROBESON, ANDREW. Emity Township, Philadelphia Co. March 7, 1719/20. D. 145 The following entry was found in this document:

Reference #3 contends that Mary SPENCER was the wife of Andrew Robeson Jr.. The reference states that Elizabeth (Mary) was born about 1666 in Philadelphia, PA. She died on 12 Nov 1716 in Philadelphia, PA. Mary was buried in Old Swede Church (Gloria Dei) Cemetery located in Philadelphia, PA . "Her grave and tombstone are at the right of the walk, near the entrance door of the church. The tombstone is of Italian marble, and has the marks of bullets on it, a skirmish having taken place there during the Revolution." Tradition says Mary SPENCER was of "Stuart" descent. (3)

Email, dated 2/20/02, Subject: Robeson Family.

"I was rather stunned to come across the Robeson section of your web page and to still find people naming the wife of Andrew Robeson, Jr., as Mary Spencer. I see you cite my book, but apparently did not read it. As is pointed out therein, the Spencer claim has absolutely no foundation in fact. Andrew's wife was Swedish, as shown by the fact that he and his wife were members of the Swedish church (Gloria Dei in Philadelphia) from the time they married until they died. (Membership in that church depended on a person being Swedish or married to a Swede.) That she was the daughter of Israel Helm is shown by the record of his closely to other members of that family and the fact that they named their second son Israel."
Dr. Peter S. Craig, F.A.S.G.
3406 Macomb St. NW
Washington DC 20016-3160

The following is a portion of footnote #30, shown on page 75 of The 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Deleware by Peter Stebbins Craig,

...."The Robeson Genealogy asserts, without authority or analysis, that Andrew Robeson's wife was Mary Spencer of "Stuart" descent, Id 15. The name given to her second son (Isreal), the place of her burial and her husbands' close associations with the Helm family and other area Swedes provide convincing evidence that she was Maria Helm. Andrew Robeson was bondsman for George Lawrence (Isreal Helm's son-in-law) when the latter was named executor of his father's estate, 3 Dec. 1695; witnessed the will of Isreal Helm on 17 June 1701 and (with George Lawrence) was bondsman for Hermanus Helm, executor of the estate, 2 March 1701/2, NJA, 23;221-22, 285. Andrew Robeson Jr. (c. 1692-1740), married Gertrude Magdelena Rudman (1699-1769), eldest daughter of pastor Andreas Rudman and Elisabeth Mattson. Robeson genealogy, supra, 20."

USGenWeb Archives, HISTORY: PA Archives Series 2: Vol. IX: Part II: Section 4: List of Officers of the Colonies on the Delaware and the Province of Pennsylvania, 1614-1776. This document lists Peter ROBESON as being a Coroner during the period 1759-1763.

USGenWeb Archives, Wills: Abstracts, Book D : 1714 - 1725/6: Philadelphia Co, PA

BELL, CHARLES. Amity Township, Philadelphia County. November 11, 1725. November 25, 1725. D. 437. Father Henry Bell, daughter Rebecca. Henry Bell, Junior, mentioned. Executors and Overseers: Wife Mary with friend Jonathan Robeson, ibidem, yeoman. Witnesses: Israel Robeson, Mary Rumford and John Bell.

USGenWeb Archives, Wills: Abstracts, Book E: 1726 - 1736: Philadelphia Co, PA.

SINCON, MORDECAI. Amity, Co. of Philadelphia. February 22, 1735/6. June 7, 1736. E.370. Wife and Exec: Mary Sincon. Children: Mordecai, Thomas, Hannah, Mary, John, Ann, Sarah and unborn child. Trustees: Jonathan Robeson and George Boone. Wit: Israel Robeson, Solomon Coles and John Bell.

USGenWeb Archives, Wills: Abstracts, Book G: 1743 - 1748/9: Philadelphia Co, PA.

CHARLESWORTH, JOSEPH. Upper Dublin, County of Philadelphia. Yeoman. March 5, 1742/3. October 1, 1748. G.232. Wife: Ann. Children: Abraham, James, John, Sarah. Sons-in-law: Mathew McGlathery and Archibald McClean. Exec: Ann and Abraham Charlesworth. Wit: Thomas Yorke, Jno. Robeson and Peter Robeson. Codicil signed December 17, 1744. Wit: Alexander Quce (his mark), Moses Poak and William Leech.

USGenWeb Archives, Bios: Penny-Py SURNAME Index to "Colonial Families of Philadelphia," Philadelphia, PA


USGenWeb Archives, Montgomery County, PA, Bios: Family History of Edward MORGAN: c. 1670, Wales > Philadelphia Co. (the part that is now Montgomery Co.), PA, U.S.A.; Squire & Sarah (MORGAN) BOONE > Philadelphia Co. (the part now Berks Co.). The following entries relate to the ROBESON family:

"The Morgan house and family figure importantly in American History. Edward MORGAN, son of Sir James MORGAN of Llantarnam, Wales, brought his wife Elizabeth to America in 1683. In Philadelphia they became members of the Society of Friends at the Haverford-Radnor-Merion Meeting, later acquired the house-site and some 800 acres, and became the first settlers in the Upper Welsh tract beyond Gwynedd. Their daughter Sarah, born in the house, grew up to marry one Squire BOONE, and made them the grandparents of Daniel BOONE, that great frontiersman who led the settlement of Kentucky and then the West. Another descendant was famed Rev. War Gen. Daniel MORGAN, The Raider. Others of the children & grandchildren married into such leading first-families as the MORRISes, RITTENHOUSEs, LLOYDs, ROBERTSes and ROBESONs."

"William MORGAN, widower, married Catherine ROBESON on the 07th of the 10th month, 1731."

USGenWeb Archives: Wills: Abstracts, Book Q: 1774 - 1784: Philadelphia Co, PA

"VANDERSPIEGLE, ELIZABETH. Phila. Widow. December 15, 1773. February 26, 1774. Beneficiaries: The United Swedish Lutheran Church, Upper Merion; Zions Church, Phila.; Robt. Hopkins, Sr. and his children: Wm., Thomas, Isaac,Robt., and Hannah; Mary and Wm. Jackson, merchant; Andrew Jackson; cousins Jacob Leech and his sisters Margaret Thomas and Elinor Leach and daughter, Jacob and Ellinor Robeson, Jacob Pastorius, Samuel Robeson (son of cousin Samuel and Hannah his wife); Jonathan Robeson (miller); Sarah Forrest and her daughter Mary; Lydia Grantham (widow of Chas.); Margaret Many (widow of Francis); Lodowick and Margaret Sprogell; Jacob, Esther and Mary (children of Jacob and Rebecca Cocks/Cox Weiss); Christiana Rue (wife of Jas. Rue); Negro girl Judith. Execs.: Wm. Jackson and Samuel Robeson. Wit: Lewis Weiss and Richard Whitehead. Codicil. Signed, dated and witnessed as above. Q.1."

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