ROBESON Ancestry

Col Thomas ROBESON Jr. Thomas was born on 11 Jan 1739 and died on 2 May 1785 in Bladen County, NC. He married Mary BARTRUM in 1763.

Col ROBESON participated in the Revolutionary War. An account of his war record can be found in the record of the Battle of Elizabethtown, North Carolina, just after the record of his brother, Captain Peter ROBESON. Robeson County, NC was named after Col Thomas ROBESON and his brother, Captain Peter ROBESON, in recognition of their services during the Revolution.

Mary BARTRUM Mary's mother was Elizabeth LOCK..


  1. Bartrum B. ROBESON Bartrum was born on 26 Aug 1764 and died on 3 Mar 1818. He married Margaret RAILFORD.
  2. Jonathan ROBESON Jonathan was born on 28 Jun 1769 and died on 26 Jan 1812. He married Ann CAIN.
  3. William ROBESON William was born on 19 Sep 1771 and died on 18 Feb 1825. He married Ann CODDINGTON.
  4. Elizabeth ROBESON Elizabeth was born on 2 May 1774. She married Jonathan SMITH.
  5. Sarah ROBESON Sarah was born on 7 Aug 1779 and died on 18 Feb 1804. She married Travis R. BARKSDALE.