Julius STALTING  Julius was born on 5 Jun 1838 in Germany, came to America in 1856, at the age of 18. and was naturalized in 1861. He died on 11 Sep 1922 in Independence, Polk County,OR. Julius was married twice, first to Albertine WITKOPF and second to Mary KINGSLEY.

Albertine WITKOPF (1st Wife) Albertine was born on 17 Jul 1845 in, Tonawanda, Erie County, NY. She died at the age of 36 years in Canistota, SD, on 4 Jun 1883, exactly three months after delivering her eigth child, daughter Albertine. (1)

Julius and Albertine are buried in Montrose Cemetery, Montrose, SD.

Mary KINGSLEY (2nd Wife) Mary was born in Ohio in 1845 and died in 1925. Julius and Mary were married in 1906. They had no children. (1) Mary had one son by a previous marriage, Louis Barry, born in 1872.(4) She is buried in Sunset Memorial Park, Hoquiam, WA. Mary's parents were born in Pennsylvania.

Children of Julius and Albertine:

  1. Christopher Adolph "Chris" STALTING Chris was born on 19 Feb 1865 in Hastings Township, Mills County, IA. He died on 8 Sep 1951 in Canistota, McCook County, SD. Chris married Mary J. BECK on 16 Feb 1897 in Wellington, McCook County, SD. Chris was the first rural postman in Canistota, SD. (2) Chris and Mary had no children. (1)
  2. Charles Albert STALTING Charles was born on 15 Feb 1866 in Hastings, Mills County, IA. He died on 16 Aug 1888 in Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota,  Charles was not married and had no children.
    From the Black Hills Weekly Journal, "Charles Stalting a young man who has been employed by the farm of George C Hunt for a year past, and who is will known in Rapid City, is very low as the Hunt homestead with Typhoid Fever. Dr VanBuskirk who is in attendance, has given it as his opinion that the young man is past recovery. His relatives were notified by telegraph of his dangerous condition. In the same issue of the paper. Charles Stalding, the young man mentioned lying seriously ill at the residence of George Hunt east of town, died on Thursday evening at nine 9 O'Clock. His remians were interred in Evergeen Cemetery yesterday afternoon at three 0'Clock with appropriate services. Relatives of deceased live at Conestota,Dakota. They have at least the comfort of knowing that everthing possible was done for him during his last illness."  (1, 8)
  3. George Edward STALDING George was born about 5 Apr 1868 in Ridgeway, IA and died on 16 Dec 1932 and was buried in Fernhill Cemetery, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, WA. George married Lois Bessie WAY on 5 Jul 1890 in SD. (1)
  4. Herman Julius STALTING Herman was born on 7 Nov 1870 in Hastings Twp, Mills County, IA. He died on 20 Aug 1942 in Canistota, McCook County, SD. Herman married Anna Marie BECK (sister of Mary J. BECK) on 8 Jan 1895 in Wellington, McCook County, SD.
  5. Mary Louise STALTING Mary was born on 11 Jul 1873 in Hastings Twp, Mills County, IA and died on 12 Jan 1960 in Orangeville, Sacramento County, CA. Mary married Lynn Kingsley on 19 Oct 1892. (1)
  6. Albert Julius "Jim" STALDING Albert was born in Oct 1875 in in Hastings, Mills County, IA. He died on 9 Feb 1963 in Grayland, Grays Harbor County, WA. He married Margaret Manary "Maggie" REID in 1896. (1)
  7. Emma Augusta STALTING Emma was born on 8 Nov 1879 in Hastings, Mills County, IA. She married Henry HOFFINE.(1)
  8. Albertine "Abbie" (STALTING) COLLINS Abbie was born on 4 Jan 1883 in Grant Township, McCook County, SD and died on 16 Aug 1967 in West Los Angeles, CA.. Her mother, Albertine WITKOPF, died when she was about 3 months old. Abbie was adopted by Herman and Betsy COLLINS in 1900. The COLLINS family migrated to San Jose, CA in 1904. Abbie marriedDr. Clarence C. CHAPPELL in 1908 in San Francisco, CA. (1)


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Research Notes:

In 1848, when the revolutions broke out across Europe, Julius was only 12 years old. He came from a Catholic family, indicating that he probably came from what was Prussia.

According to census records, Julius came to America in 1856 and was naturalized in 1861. It is believed that Julius passed through Chicago, IL, or possibly Canada. As was the custom at the time, United States Immigration Service officials changed the spelling of Stölting toStalting. (Various family members, particularly those living on the west coast, later changed the spelling to Stalding.). Just as Julius was becoming an American citizen, the Civil War was just beginning.

Julius and Albertine Witkopf were married sometime between 1861 and 1864. Julius and Albertine settled and reared their family in Hastings, Indian Creek Twp, Mills County, Iowa.

The Mills County Tribune published an article on 28 Dec 1922 that discussed the contents on first issue it published on March 20, 1879. The folowing items relating to Julius were found 1879 article,

Julius Stalting's name, as a city councilman, appears on a formal complaint signed by the mayor and city council on 7 Jan 1880. (7)

Julius and his family moved to Canistota, Dakota Territory, about 1881.

In 1887, Julius was a County Commissioner for McCook County, SD.

The Dakota Territory was the name of the northernmost part of the Louisiana Purchase of the United States. It became an an incorporated territory on March 2 1861, and divided into the states of North Dakota and South Dakota on November2 1889. At times, the territory of Dakota Territory included parts of present-day Montana and Wyoming, the territory was reduced in 1863 to the present boundaries of the Dakotas.

The territorial capital was Yankton from 1861 until 1883, when it was moved to Bismarck. The admission of the two Dakotas, rather than one Dakota, was the result of Republican control of the Congress who wanted two new states, rather than one, who favored Republican candidates and would add to their heft in the Senate and the House.

Julius moved to the Independence , OR, about 1904. He was soon appointed as a director of the Farmers Bank of Independence. He held this position until his death in 1922. Upon his death, his body was transported to Canistota, SD, for burial.

McCook Co. SD -- Federal Land Records (SDGENWEB File extract)

Name Merid Twp Rng Sec, Acres Type/ Casetype/ DocID Date
Stalting Julius 05 101 N 054 W 013 160 Homestead Patent 1672 06/19/1893
Stalting Juluis 05 101 N 054 W 013 160 Cash Sale Patent 13972 04/27/1888

In the Polk County, OR, 1920 Federal Census, Julius spelled his last name as STALDING and gave his age as 71 years (birth year 1849). This conflicts with the earlier 1880 Federal Census which lists his age as 41 (birth year 1839)

The following two 1880 Iowa Federal Census items are of interest. It may be that Julius STALTING and Chris STALTING may have been closely related, perhaps brothers. Julius may have named his first son Christopher, after this Chris (Davenport County).

1880 Federal Census, Hastings, Mills County, IA, p. 378 C Indian Creek Twp., provided by Cay Merryman

STALTING, Julius, 41 / head / Keeps livery stable / Germ / Germ / Germ
STALTING, Albertine, 34 / wife / NY / Germ / Germ
STALTING, Christopher, 15 / son / IA / Germ / Germ
STALTING, Charles, 14 / son / IA / Germ / Germ
STALTING, George, 12 / son / IA / Germ / Germ
STALTING, Harmon, 9 / son / IA / Germ / Germ
STALTING, Mary, 6 / dau / IA / Germ / Germ
STALTING, Albert, 4 / son / IA / Germ / Germ
STALTING, Emma, 6/12 / dau / IA / Germ / Germ
SUHR, Louisa / 16 / servant / IA / Germ / Germ

1880 Federal Census, Davenport, Scott, IA, p. 576A(Family Search Database)

STALTING, Chris, 56 / head / Wagon Maker / Prussia / Prussia / Prussia
STALTING, Augusta, 43 / wife / Keeping House / Saxony / Saxony / Saxony
STALTING, Clara, 17 /dau / A Home / IA / Prussia / Saxony
STALTING, Louise, 19 / dau / At Home / IA / Prussia / Saxony
STALTING, Alfred, 4 / son / At Home / IA / Prussia / Saxony

The following item from the Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History is of interest:

"Christian William Stoelting is one of the enterprising and progressive farmers of Herman Township, and owns a well-improved farm on section 33. He was born April 26, 1823 in Zwollenburg, Lipp-Detmold, Germany, being the son of Frederick C. Stoelting, who was a farmer by occupation. The mother died when our subject was a young child of about three years, and the father's death occurred when he was in his twentieth year....." Bio of Christian William Stoelting

The Mormon Church's database includes STOLTING entries for individuals born in the 1700's in two major areas of Germany... Schoetmar, Lippe, Iserlohn, Westfalen, and Preussen

History of Hastings/Indian Creek Twp, Mills County, IA


SUBJECT: Obituaries SUBMITTER: Karen King EMAIL: DATE: Nov 30, 1998 SURNAMES: Fitzgerald, Stalting.... FITZGERALD - On Thursday, May 19, at Excelsior Springs, Mo., William Fitzgerald, beloved husband of Rose Fitzgerald (nee Stalting). Due notice of funeral will be given. Cario (Ill.) papers please copy. Note: Year was 1898.

The Mormon Church's database includes entries for a Frederick A. STALTING and his wife Elizabeth J. MORGAN. They were married 7 Feb 1866 in Carroll, Missouri. Family Search The does not appear to be any documented connection for these two individuals to the Julius STALTING family line.


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