Herman Julius STALTING Herman was born on 7 Nov 1870 in Hastings Twp, Mills County, IA. He died on 20 Aug 1942 in Canistota, McCook County, SD. Herman married Anna Marie BECK (sister of Mary J. BECK) on 8 Jan 1895 in Wellington, McCook County, SD. Herman owned a farm and a barber shop in Canistota.(4)

Anna Marie BECK Anna was born in Canada 7 Nov 1870 and died on 6 Jul 1965 in SD (5)

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Mary and Anna BECK


  1. Earl H. STALTING Earl was born on 16 Oct 1905 and died 29 Aug 1955.He lived and died in Spring Valley Twp, McCook County, SD, Herman was buried in the Canistota Cemetery. (6)


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Research Notes:

Excerpt from Canistota's History Book 1894, turned out to be a dry year, and although farmers planted their crops, no spring rains were in evidence. The fore part of the summer continued dry. By June 11, 1894, their crops were a complete failure, and another meeting was called for the purpose of stopping the erection of the church. However, the decision was lost by a unanimous vote, and work continued with members contributing their labor to bring down the cost of the structure. According to the contract, the name of the church was the "German St. Joseph Catholic Church." Mr. Nick Reecy, Sr., and Wm. Beck, Sr., were named the first trustees. The first Mass was said by Father Links, but Father Grabig was the first parish priest. He drove a livery team from Bridgewater every Sunday to say Mass. The first children to be baptised in the new church were Mannie Beck, John Even, Bernard Mathieu, Henry Ziegler and Catherine Beaner. They had all been born during the construction of the church, and all were baptised the same day.

The first marriage performed in the church was performed on January 8, 1895, when Annie Beck and Herman Stalting became man and wife.(3)

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