Albert Julius "Jim" STALDING Albert was born on 24 Oct 1874 in in Hastings Township, Mills County, IA. He died in his sleep on 9 Feb 1963 in Grayland, Grays Harbor County, WA. Albert married Margaret Manary REID on 12 Sep 1896 in Riverside, SD. (6)

Margaret Manary "Maggie" REID Maggie was born on 3 Oct 1876 in Onslow Township, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada. She died in 1955 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA.(4)

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Albert "Jim" Stalting circa 1890 (2)

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Maggie, Gene, June (Holding baby Randy), and Albert circa 1949(3)

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Four Generations - Albert, Victer, Gene, and Randy, circa 1949 (3)


  1. Ward STALDING Ward was born on 22 Oct 1890 in SD. He died in Feb 1971 in Grayland, Grays Harbor, WA. He married Amelia Catherine HUSMAN in Jan 1924 in Canistota, McCook County, SD. Ward and Amelia had no children.
  2. Victer Albert STALDING Victer was born on 29 Sep 1897 in SD. He died on 5 Feb 1958 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA. Victer married Ida Lena "Edith" RAUCH in 1923. Victer and Edith had two children, both living.


  1. Maggie's date of death was established from letters of condolence from C. W. BECK, an old friend of Albert's, and Abbie CHAPPELLE, Albert's sister, both dated September of 1955.
  2. Photo provided by Mike Chappell. 2001.
  3. Stalding family photo. 2000.
  4. Letter from Chris. W. Beck to A. J. Stalding, postmarked 12 Sep 1955. letter of condolence upon Maggie Stalding's death.
  5. Stalding family records and recollections of family members.
  6. Draft Registration card (#621)  12 Sept 1918 McCook County, SD - Albert Julius Stalding

Research Notes:

According to the 1910 McCook County, SD, Census, Maggie immigrated in 1882 and owned her own home outright.

Herman Giegling built the present Meat Market building in Canistota, and ran that business until selling it to C. W. Beck, who had learned the meat cutting trade in Hudson, South Dakota. C. W. Beck was a close friend of Jim Stalding, (4)

In 1898, diptheria broke out in the Canistota community, causing many to perish.

Albert (Jim) Stalting was at one time a U. S, Marshall, probably working out of the Sioux Falls office. Family members have his gun and handcuffs. He also worked as a cement worker, house painter, and later a farmer.

In 1901 Albert sold the cafe in Canistota.(5)

In 1904, Albert played semi-pro baseball for the Canistota Clippers team and spent quite a bit of time on the road. Albert was the shortstop.

Canastota, McCook Co., SD - 1916 Business Directory This information extracted from the "Northwestern Gazetteer and Business Directory", vol. XX (1916-1917), published by R. L. Polk & Co. The following entry was found in the directory:

Stolding Alb. J. cementwkr

"REBEKAH The Morning Glory Rebekah lodge was instituted on September 4th 1911, by Sister Edna B. Dan, president of the Rebekah assembly. e following were charter members: Alpha Spaulding, Mary McCarty, Mary Rooney, Mary Graham, Maggie Spaulding(sp?), James Spaulding(sp?) , E. G. C. Amy, Ethel Smith, and Charles Smith." The STALTING name gets butchered again!

"ORDER OF EASTERN STAR Patience Chapter No. 61 received its charter in 1900 with the following fifteen people as charter members: Eva Lange, Worthy Matron; J. P. Schaller , Worthy Patron; Margaret Fallgatter, Assoc. Matron; Josie Armstrong, Abbie Collins, Lizzie Cowen, Fred Dudley, M. A. Lange, Ida McKillop, Jessie McKinnon, P. H. Schaller, Jennie Staples, H. N. Van Woert, Minnie Van Woert, Melissa Van Woert."

YEOMAN LODGE Another of the early day lodges of which we have learned little, was the Yeoman lodge. In an election of officers in January of 1903, the following were elected: H. F., W. E. Cornwell; Trea., C. R. Bolan; Cor., Mrs. A. Spaulding; Master Accíts., Joel Smith; Physician, Mrs. Pool; Overseer, Mrs. Mary Buchanan; L. R., Mrs. Maggie Jewell; L. Rebecca, Mrs. Mary Graham; Watch, Chas. Smith; Sentíl., James Malloy; and Guard, Alva Jewell."

DEGREE OF HONOR NO. 96 Another such early lodge, of which we have learned little of itís history, is the Degree of Honor lodge. In December of 1902, the following officers were elected to this lodge, according to early Clipper files; Mary Buchhanan, Past Chief of Honor; Mary Graham, Chief of Honor; Ella Cornwell, Lady of Honor; Cora Dawson, C of C; Afphie Spaulding, Recorder; Mary Rooney, treasurer; George Dawson, Receiver; May Stevens, Lady Usher; Joseph Velow, I. W.; W. E. Cornwell, O. W.; Representative to Grand Lodge, Mary Buchhanan; and Alternate, Ella Cornwell.

"Military . . . COMPANY BAND Canistota, at one time had a military band. Perhaps one of the few small towns in the state that could boast of such an organization. The following was taken from the first issue of the Canistota Clipper. "Very few towns in the state the size of Canistota , can boast of a military band of 23 pieces." "They have only recently been appointed Company Band of the 1st S. D. S. G. And are furnished a complete military uniform and will go into camp with the regiment at Huron on August 14th, with flying colors, and we are confident will leave a pleasing impression of Canistota and her people. "Following is the instrumentation: Tuba, John Schlueter; Bb Bass, George Dawson; Slide Trombone, Bud Spaulding; 1st Tenor, Will Velow; 2nd Tenor, Victor Fallgatter; 1st Alto, Lee Meyers; 2nd Alto, Wm. Derrick; 3rd Alto, Ed. Buchanan; Solo Alto, Phil Schaller."

The building to the east, was formerly the Snow Bros. barber shop and was built by the two brothers, Bert and Otto. The present Gift Shop was the residence of Hank Spaulding and family and also housed the barber shop.

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