Christopher Adolph "Chris" STALTING Chris was born on 19 Feb 1865 in Hastings Township, Mills County, IA. He died on 8 Sep 1951 at the age of 96 in Sioux Falls, SD. Chris was buried in the Wellington Catholic Church cemetery. (6)

Mary J. BECK (1st wife) Mary was born in Canada. She died on 12 May 1937 at Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, SD. (3) Mary married Chris on 16 Feb 1897 in Wellington, McCook County, SD.(2) Mary's parents, William and Romana BECK, homesteaded in McCook County in 1878, (4) Mary is buried in St Josephs Catholic Cemetery in Sioux Falls.

Maria A. WAGNER (2nd wife) Maria was born on 18 Feb 1900 in Ellsworth, MN, and died on 14 Apr 1957 at the age of 51. Maria married Chris on 6 Nov 1941 in Sioux Falls, SD (5)

Children of Chris and Mary:

  1. Marie R. A. STALTING Marie was born on 21 Dec 1900 and died two weeks later on 8 Jan 1901 in Canistota, McCook County, SD. She is buried in St Josephs Catholic Cemetery in Sioux Falls. (1)
  2. There are also two infants burried next to Marie in the St Josephs Catholic Cemetery in Sioux Falls.


Mary and Anna BECK.JPG

Mary and Anna BECK

Chris Staltings Farm 1900, Canistota, SD.JPG

Chris and Mary Stalting's Farm, Canistota, SD, 1900.

Chris Stalting with US Mail Coach Early 1900's.JPG

Chris delivering mail in the early 1900's(1)

Chris and Mary Stalting.JPG

Chris & Mary(2)

Stalting Home 1936 (2).JPG

Their home 1936 (1)

Four Stalting Men.JPG

Chris STALTING, Henry BECK, Henry BECK Jr, Henry's son-in-law (1)

Harness Shop Canistota 1937 (2).jpg

Canistota, SD, 1937 The Harness Shop and Orton Hotel


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Research Notes:

Chris spent some time in Wyoming as a stage coach driver in the early days of the midwest. He moved to South Dakota in 1889. Chris was the first mail carrier in McCook County, SD. He served in that capacity for 26 years. He was very civic minded: for years he was a volunteer in the Canistota Volunteer Fire Department. Chris donated one half of a city block to the city of Canistota for a park. He moved to Sioux Falls, SD on 1934. (6)

In 1937, Chris donated 40 acres to St Josephs Catholic Church, Canistota, SD.

The next thing needed was a fire department, so a meeting for the organization of such a group was held on August 25, 1909, with C. J. Uecker acting as temporary chairman and Ben Graf as temporary secretary. At that same meeting the new group was named "Canistota Volunteer Fire Department." Officers elected to hold office until the regular November election included John F. Muehl, foreman; Ben Graf, secretary; Geo. H. Dawson, treasurer; and E. D. Ritter, W. C. Uecker and M. J. Beisel, trustees. The first regular election named the following fireman as officers of the group: J. E. McCarty, Chief; Wm. Timmerman , Chas. Uecker, assistant chiefs; J. F. Muehl, foreman; Wm. Vellow, Fred Haas, assistant foreman; Ben Graf, secretary; Chas. Uecker, treasurer; and J. F. Muehl, Hardy Van Woert and Chris Spaulding

FIRST METHODIST The Rev. J. P. Jenkins, pastor of the Methodist church in Salem preached a few sermons in the newly platted town of Canistota in 1883.... ....In 1886, the class was increased to seventeen by the joining of Mrs. John Manary, Mr. Sherman, Sr., Mr. And Mrs. Spaulding, Sr., the Misses May and Carrie Morgan and Miss Jessie Scobie. In 1893, under the pastorate of Rev. J. G. Corwin, the Canistota church was served from Bridgewater.

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The information in the following is a result of issuance of our Pioneer Certificates by family members or interested parties of these Pioneers. The criteria for their inclusion was residence in the Dakota Territory prior to statehood of Nov. 1889.

BECK, Mary 1859-1940 Rock Island, IL 2028-30
BECK, William 1841-1913 Germany 5077
Stalding, Chris Canistota, McCook Co., SD
Beck, Mary J. Canistota,McCook Co., SD Feb 16 1897
Wm. E. Beck, Lizzie E. Beck
Rev. J. O'Hara, Catholic Priest married Wellington R.C. Church

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