HOFFINE Ancestry

Henry HOFFINE Henry was born on 8 Jul 1878 and died in March of 1964 in SD

Emma Augusta STALTING Emma was born on 8 Nov 1879 in Hastings, Mills County, IA. She married Henry HOFFINE in 1901 in SD. (1,2)

Emma Augusta Stalting Hoffine.JPG

Emma Augusta STALTING (1)

Henry and Emma Hoffine 60th Wedding Anniv.JPG

Henry & Emma's 60th Wedding Anniversary (1961)

Merle and Lowell HOFFINE - Merle & Emma's sons.JPG

Merle and Lowell HOFFINE


  1. Merle Meyer HOFFINE Merle was born on 23 May 1904 and died on 30 Nov 1990 in Tripp, SD. Merle married a Francis _____. Probably lived in Hammil, SD. (1)
  2. Lowell HOFFINE Lowell was born on 25 Aug 1914 and died on 9 Sep 1989 in Mesa, Maricopa County, AZ. Lowell married Viola ______. Early on, they probably lived in Mission, SD. (1)


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